• A proactive Maintenance Schedule is the key point service we can provide to our clients through our in-house trained Building Manager (BM) if required. We have developed an advanced building management system to proactively maintain building services. Samples attached:

The procedures are set to ensure all relevant works are completed in accordance with maintenance schedule instead of waiting for the problems to occur. Our BM also provides a quarterly summary BM report to our clients in addition to the normal reporting mechanism. Samples attached:

  • Our premium service also can provide on-site 24/7 security monitoring through enhanced CCTV and remote control systems that can be installed upon request.

It is highly recommended that modern and contemporary buildings should consider this as improvement to their existing security system so not only the highest security level can be achieved to bring client peace of mind but also when CCTV footage is required from time to time (for either internal management needs or public authority requests) the best possible results can be delivered in no time.