Building Management

  • After hours 24/7 emergency attendance through our dedicated 24hs BM.
  • Maintenance of common areas and common facilities.
  • Maintaining the asset. refurbishing or replacing of common area assets.
  • Obtaining quotations and contract management.
  • Obtaining strata maintenance plans. OH&S and other building reports.
  • Providing recommendations and advice to the OC Committee.
  • Managing Strata Insurance – including lodging insurance claims and obtaining valuation reports.

Our Building Management System-Matrix Management System

Administrative Service

  • Writing and sending all Owners Corporation correspondences.
  • Convene and facilitate inaugural and general meetings.
  • Convene and facilitate committee meetings.
  • Managing voting and ballots.
  • Preparing and conducting owners/residents surveys.
  • Management of the Owners Corporation Register and Records.
  • Ensure that the registered rules are communicated and adhered to.
  • Issuing owners corporation certificates.
  • Manage accurate records of assets. plans and regulations.

Financial Management

  • Our OC trust accountant has more than 20 years’ experience in both OC management and OC accounting which makes our accounting procedures stand out from that of our competitors.
  • Implement and review efficient accounting procedures for levies collection. spending and budgeting.
  • Make sure to keep the Owners Corporations maintaining a healthy financial position.
  • Generate full financial reports, and ad-hoc reports for owners each year.

Legislative Compliance

  • We will conduct the affairs of the Owners Corporation in accordance with the legislative requirements under the Owners Corporations Act 2006, Owners Corporation Regulations 2018, Sub-division Act 1988, OH&S and the regulations to that Act.
  • We provide general legislative advice and assistance to the Owners Corporation.
  • All our staffs receive continued training to keep up with the latest updates of legislation, including the changes in the Act and Regulations applicable from 1st December 2021.